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New Pathway Academy is an educational youth enrichment center based in Shanghai, China. Serving late elementary through high school students, New Pathway Academy sets its focus around core academic subjects and test preparation.

We believe that education is the cornerstone of success, carrying lasting benefits beyond one’s academic career. Our purpose is to combine knowledge with imagination and discipline to provide a rich and stimulating environment in which our students may develop into future leaders. In order to help our students excel both inside and outside of school, we offer afterschool classes and one-on-one tutoring in key subject areas. Most importantly, at the core of our organization is a dedicated team of knowledgeable, experienced and passionate instructors. Please have a look at our faculty profiles as well as our course offerings, and let us know if you have any questions.

Today’s Learners, Tomorrow’s Leaders.

Building a solid educational foundation is the key to success in college and beyond; at New Pathway Academy, we will ensure that you receive the best test preparation, course enrichment and personalized attention needed to achieve your best. Our combination of passionate staff and technology-enabled curriculum make learning fun and efficient to propel you to the next level.

We provide all students with individualized attention.

New Pathway Academy leads the market with its integration of technology into its coursework, from its proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) to its adaptive test preparation platform, allowing for students to hone in on weaknesses at a granular level. This philosophy extends across test preparation as well as our middle school program with our unique precept system


An Emphasis on Personal Development.

Our consultants meet regularly with each client to develop ideas, facilitate introspection, and craft an insightful and reflective personal statement. More importantly, we build you to success in college and beyond.

A Strategic Approach to Admission Success.

With our extensive experience, we help clients customize applications in ways that will maximize their admissions chances for each school by packaging their applications with a structured theme.

An Inside Track to Elite U.S. Schools.

Our team includes U.S. liaisons from Harvard and Princeton admissions as well as graduates from Harvard, Princeton, M.I.T, Yale, and Stanford B.A., M.A., Ph.D., M.D., and M.B.A. programs. Our experience speaks for itself.


Scholar System

Class provides interaction with native English speaking TEFL certified teachers (我们的课堂提供了与母语为英语的老师交流的机会)

Library contains over 1500 imported English books and student’s progress tracked via online testing system (我们的图书馆包含超过1500本以上的原版书籍.我们的测评系统通过网络可以看到孩子们的进步)

Clubs gives students opportunities to interact with other students to display the skills they have learned in our classes and library (我们的俱乐部给学生互动机会与别的学生一起成长)

Who We Are 关于学树堂

Scholar Tree is a top-notch English language school for Young Learners (YL) ages 6-12.

We offer quality language education using highly effective teaching methods tested in United States, Korea, and Europe.Scholar Tree’s proprietary English learning system allows students, parents, and teachers to better assess progress while at the same time providing a native English speaking environment conducive to learning a second language. Scholar Tree’s library is one of a kind and rivals that of elementary schools in the United States. Scholar Tree’s curriculum is based on the California English Language Arts Content Standards.


Benefits 关于学树堂

Fun, proactive learning for students (我们的课堂提供了与母语为英语的老师交流的机会)

Provides solid foundation for English language learning (为孩子们打牢基础的英语语言学习模式)

Uses Scholar Tree’s accelerated learning system to ach ieve a "path to fluency" (使孩子们快速达到流利说英语的能力)

Focuses on reading, writing, speaking, and listening Eng lish skills (专业的提高阅读、写作、口语和听力能力)

Books borrowed from the library gives students better access to Western culture (让孩子们更好的接收西方文化)

Better preparation for college admissions exams(给孩子们一个更好的准备从而顺利通过大学入学考试)

Improved concentration(使孩子们的注意力得到进一步的改善)

Stage Descriptors 层级介绍

  • Sprouting Seeds begin the growth journey by obtaining the basic pronunciation and English foundations (种子班 这个班上的学生通常从最掌握最基础的读音、生词学起)

  • Strong Saplings build upon the fundamentals of English and delve into deeper concepts to enhance written and spoken communication (幼苗班 这个班上的学生旨在建立起系统的初级英语的基础,并且打开孩子们写作与口语的沟通能力)

  • Tremendous Trees focus on refining the fundamental English and provides opportunity to spring the student’s level to the Middle School level English (小树班 这个班上的学生通过前面的学习,已经超过了一般小学的层次,学树堂给这样的同学提供一个机会去让他们接触更高的中学英语)

  • Scholar Trees utilizes the training students have received over the previous three levels and guides students to create and compose effortlessly through the English languag (大树班这个班上的学生已有基本的英语能力然后学生都要使用英语来沟通自己的意见及想法.学树堂的老师会引导学生到初中班级的方向)

Course Descriptions 课程介绍

Reading focuses on expanding student’s vocabulary and comprehension in order to better be able to read through the English books (阅读课程 扩充孩子们的单词量和阅读理解能力,从而他们可以轻松阅读英语书籍)

Writing focuses on building students’ grammar and composition so the student can communicate effectively through the written English language (写作课程 提高孩子们的语法和写作能力,这样他们可以高效的用英语写作)

Speaking & Listening focuses on active spoken communication with native English speakers (口语和听力课程与现实生活中的以英语为母语的人侃侃而谈)

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Our world class team of technologists and
designers are passionate about the convergence
of technology and education.

We believe in the power of technology to optimize learning efficiency and learning success, to deliver more engaging content than ever before on demand, to enable schools to operate more efficiently and direct more focus and resources on the student, and to take education to the next level starting today.

Our adaptive educational systems continuously learn more about how the student learns every time they use the system, and adjust to the individual students learning style while the student is learning.

Our learning management systems help schools to automatically manage and process the wealth of student information, scheduling, and performance history, to optimize school operations, and identify areas to tailor programs to student’s needs.

Our education content spans immersive gaming content for young kids, and award winning math content, test prep, and vocational content for adults.

Our multiplatform solutions are delivered from the cloud onto personal computers, mobile phones, and pads. So users can learn where ever they go, and from whatever device they choose.

Our educational technology portfolio is growing every day and will aggressively expand vertically within select education markets, and horizontally across educational market segments, in China, Asia, and beyond.